Prologic Delivers Significant Product Advancements in Q3

LONDON, U.K. (12 May 2014) - Prologic today announced significant business momentum with the delivery of product enhancements now available to both existing and new customers.

Prologic Head Office CIMS 8.5.1

Prologic Head Office CIMS 8.5.1 moves customers from a proprietary hardware platform (HPUX) to a lower cost Intel based platform running Oracle Linux, the most widely implemented operating system for Oracle based systems. This new product version carries forward all of the functionality of Head Office CIMS 7 into the new server environment and is based on Oracle technologies including Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Linux and Xen VM Virtualization. With this product version the server environment is virtualized with resources being allocated as necessary to each Virtual Server Bundle. Prologic has also taken advantage of modern Java technologies to improve the Head Office CIMS 8.5.1 user interface. These product enhancements make Prologic Head Office CIMS faster and more scalable than ever before.

“Prologic Head Office CIMS provides all of our fulfillment and is vital for running our company. It is a stable, robust system that works very quickly,” said Paul Huntington, Head of IT, T.M. Lewin. “We will be upgrading to CIMS 8.5.1, and we believe that with Prologic expertise and their latest, very stable version of CIMS, we are in very good hands.” Paul continued, “T.M. Lewin partnered with Prologic 6 years ago when we had fifteen to twenty stores. Prologic Head Office CIMS has helped us scale to 200 stores around the world.”

Prologic P2PE POS

The company also released Prologic P2PE POS, a new Point of Sale product that fully integrates partner-delivered Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) services. This new product will replace Prologice’s EFT Service and UNIFY network and will provide customers a more straight-forward path to PCI compliance. “We wanted to reduce the headaches of gaining PCI approval for our customers,” said Graham Entwistle, CTO, Prologic. “Prologic P2PE POS takes PoS and network out of scope and eases the burden of PCI compliance.” The new Prologic P2PE POS offering no longer demands the UNIFY lines and allows customers to leverage current internet services in stores, eliminates redundancy, and reduces overall cost for a POS solution. Prologic service representatives will work with existing customers to ensure ease of migration and instillation to this improved POS system.

“We strive to provide our customers the best integrated ERP and POS solution available,” said Danielle Royston, CEO, Prologic. “These enhancements demonstrate our continued commitment to helping our customers build their businesses.”

About Prologic

Prologic manages business operations for the world's most exclusive retail brands, from merchandise planning to the point of sale. Prologic’s integrated ERP and POS solutions are tailor-made to help retailers learn from all retail channels, and ultimately make better business decisions. Prologic solutions have been in place within such brands as Liberty of London, Paul Smith, Ted Baker, Fat Face and TM Lewin for more than 25 years. The company has also built strategic alliances and partnerships with Oracle Corporation and others. Learn more at