Funded Development Projects

Customized Features on Demand

Don't go another day wondering about feature requests or without reports or screens that are important to your business. Turbo charge your project and your productivity by adding the customized tools that will get the job done with less time and hassle. Prologic Custom Extensions will help get you there.


In 2012, we've rolled out a new Custom Extension Development Process. Once you create a Zendesk ticket, support will contact you with the requirements templates to complete along with pointers around process documentation and FAQs to guide you. The Prologic consulting team will then work with you to finalize your requirements and translate those business requirements into application requirements. We’ll get sign off before we proceed to development.

Turbo Charge your Projects

Want a new screen? Looking for new reports? Need customized data sets? Your imagination is the limit to the features we can develop for you. Need some inspiration?

  • Dashboard Features
  • New Screens
  • Custom Reports
  • System Settings
  • User Controls
  • Advanced Filters
  • Single-Click Computing