Business Operations Solutions for Luxury Retail Brands

For 30 years Prologic has managed every aspect of business operations—from merchandising planning to the point of sale. Our clients include leading fashion and lifestyle brands such as Liberty of London, Paul Smith, Ted Baker, FatFace, T.M. Lewin and many more.

Why smart businesses select Prologic

  • A proven solution from the only provider that has focused on luxury and lifestyle retail for 30 years. We know your business.
  • An end-to-end, cloud-based business operations solution that is expertly tailored to your unique needs. Solutions to maximise your profit.
  • A dedicated team serves as a long-term partner to your business. We strive to achieve the best customer service in the industry.

Prologic Head Office CIMS 8.6

Watch your profits increase—Prologic CIMS enables retailers to sell via multiple channels and maximise the full value of their stock through all business channels.

The Prologic CIMS offering is based on responsive and continuous improvement to a single version, single database product. Because Prologic customers operate within the fashion and lifestyle sector, most functional improvements are of value to most customers. This means that the rate of functionality enhancement is far greater than could be achieved by each customer making its own bespoke improvements. The model also means that customers benefit from the stability, low cost and robustness associated with a single version software product.

This stable and robust platform helps you increase revenue, reduce cost and maximize profit with these features:

  • Product Management: manage the product lifecycle from concept to sale
  • Price and Promotion: optimize pricing decisions
  • Material Management: automate material requirements and allocation
  • Merchandise Planning: create and modify pre-season and in-season plans
  • Supply Planning: manage and modify supply chain capacity to meet real-time demand
  • Sourcing and Production: provide suppliers with product information to facilitate factory production and purchase of finished stock
  • Warehousing and Distribution: gain visibility into stock and maintain control as it moves through the business
  • Retail Management: ensure the right stock is in the right location to maximize full ticket sales
  • Integrated Point of Sale: place critical information into the hands of the salesperson
  • Omni-channel and Mobile Solutions: display the information you need online, in stores, and on mobile devices
  • Wholesale Management: provide accurate and timely delivery for your customers
  • Internationalization: expand abroad with the systems, support and advise required for success
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"The decision to use Prologic to improve picking, stock checks and store receipt efficiency has enabled Hobbs to impose greater control and improve transparency, saving time across the whole operation from distribution centre to store. When overseas operations are paying for the goods to be shipped, the order has to be right the first time. With the Prologic solution, Hobbs has achieved the level of accuracy required to confidently supply new international markets."

Emma Osborn

Head of Business Systems

  • Reporting and analysis: obtain accurate, real-time data into a holistic view to quickly drive critical business decisions
  • Open architecture: integrate via XML web services with many best-of-breed solutions to meet your specific business needs


Prologic's new Point of Sale solution is fully integrated with CIMS 8.6 and partner delivered credit card processing systems (Electronic Funds Transfer services). This enhanced solution allows customers to leverage current internet services in stores, minimizing infrastructure costs.

  • An intuitive and easy-to-use POS interface
  • A fantastic promotions module to support the ways your business wants to sell
  • Full integration with CIMS eliminates reconciliation issues between third party systems